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ITL BioMedical Launches “ITL Clinical”, a New Brand to Target Hospital and Clinical Markets

ITL BioMedical, a division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD), that creates and manufacturers leading edge medical devices for the clinical, blood banking and laboratory markets, is pleased to announce the launch of a new global brand, ITL Clinical, that will feature ITL products that serve the hospital and clinical markets.

ITL Clinical will drive operational efficiencies and productivity to maintain standard-setting innovation, and support clinical best outcomes worldwide and is launched alongside its flagship product suite, ITL Essentials™.

The new brand expands ITL Health Group’s reach to include a dedicated focus on the global design and manufacture of easy-to-use medical and surgical products for hospital and clinical use.

ITL Essentials™ is a product suite of safety and best practice oriented medical devices used for device storage, transfer and disposal solutions for hospital and clinical use.  The product suite features The Extendable Advantage, an eco-friendly design that reduces packaging materials, lowers shipping costs, optimizes supply chain and storage and reduces hospital and surgical biohazard waste.  These products create an optimal solution at both the clinical and operational levels.

Bill Mobbs, ITL Health Group’s Executive Chairman, commented, “The launch of the new brand ITL Clinical will provide our clients, stakeholders and internal teams with a more defined focus, and ITL Essentials™ is the first product suite to reflect this new strategy.”

The ITL Essentials™ products, some of which are underscored by The Extendable Advantage, include:

  • Quiver

Surgical tool storage devices for reliable and secure instrument holding and protection from heated instruments; available in a variety of convenient sizes including The Extendable Advantage.

  • Sharps Passing Tray

Transferring device for commonly used sharps up to a 30mL syringe; ensures safe placement and removal; will be available in a variety of convenient sizes including The Extendable Advantage.

  • Needle Mat

A safe and effective solution for secure needle placement, retention and post-surgery count; features a magnetic surface and foam numbered counters for easy visual confirmation.

Visit ITLClinical.com for more information on each of these products.

About ITL BioMedical

ITL BioMedical is a division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITL) that sets industry standards for the innovative design and production of biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for human and animal use.  The Division’s patented medical devices focus on safety and process efficiency for end-users and their blood donors and patients in blood collection centers and healthcare markets worldwide.  For more information or inquiries, visit ITLBioMedical.com.

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