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ITL BioMedical Launches New Blood Culture Testing Product

ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD) is pleased to announce the launch of ITL BioMedical’s latest blood culture testing product, the Transfer Cap Set.

The Transfer Cap Set is a product used to transfer positive culture samples from a bacterial collection bottle to a vacuum tube safely and efficiently.  The product is designed for use in hospital laboratories that automate smearing samples from positive bacterial detection bottles.

ITL BioMedical’s new products are always created in partnership with the clients.  This means it can be sure it is producing precisely what the end customer needs, which in turn means the Company is assured of revenue from a new product.

ITL’s longstanding commitment to innovation means its R&D guarantees a consistent pipeline of high quality products to be created, patented and manufactured.  This new product launch is in line with ITL BioMedical’s strategic plan to launch multiple products over the next 6 to 12 months.

Craig Wilson, General Manager of ITL BioMedical, commented “The Transfer Cap Set has received considerable interest from the market during prelaunch consultation with potential customers, it expands our bacterial detection ancillary range to suit the larger automated laboratories.”


About ITL BioMedical

ITL BioMedical is a division of ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD) that sets industry standards for the innovative design and production of biological sampling systems and healthcare devices for human and animal use.  The Division’s patented medical devices focus on safety and process efficiency for end-users and their blood donors and patients in blood collection centers and healthcare markets worldwide.  For more information or inquiries, visit ITLBioMedical.com.

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