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MyHealthTest Launches Cholesterol Test

ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD), is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary MyHealthTest Pty Ltd (MHT), the direct to consumer pathology test provider, has launched a cholesterol test service to assist with the management of this very serious health risk.

High cholesterol is a major issue in Australia.  In a recently published study 63% of adult Australians had “abnormal levels of cholesterol in Australia” and 89% of those with high cholesterol are not taking cholesterol lowering medication(1).  High levels of cholesterol can increase the risk of other conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

MHT customers can monitor their condition via MHT’s secure website.  MHT provides a one stop testing and condition management capability to help customers and their healthcare professionals track their cholesterol levels.  MHT is also an attractive service for those who do not live close by a medical surgery or who are simply time poor.

The recommended cholesterol test frequency is once every 5 years for adults under 45, and every year for the 9.5 million people in Australia aged over 45 or who have family history of heart disease.

The new cholesterol test service is available through the MyHealthTest online store and will be promoted to both the existing MHT database and to new customers and health care providers.  Promotional campaigns will commence in January and roll out through 2018.

The Cholesterol Test Service is the third test launched by MyHealthTest, with the Diabetes Test and the recently launched Thyroid Test Services already in the market.

MyHealthTest GM Nick Cerneaz commented; “The Introduction of the Cholesterol Test Service is an exciting step for MyHealthTest as we seek to expand our capabilities in helping customers detect, monitor and manage major chronic diseases.”

“We will also be promoting our new Prostate Test Service in early 2018, giving us a broad portfolio of testing services as we build our business and look forward to 2018 with confidence.”


About MyHealthTest

MyHealthTest, a highly innovative consumer-based pathology testing service, allows individuals to conveniently order the test service online or from pharmacies, collect samples at home, and send samples through the mail for laboratory analysis.  Our next-generation pathology testing service is quality controlled to ensure accuracy and reliability, while our online portal offers guaranteed confidentiality and the simple transfer of results to healthcare practitioners or others.  MyHealthTest addresses the growing global demand for pathology testing services and sets the industry standard for preventative and convenient direct-to-consumer healthcare services.

(1) Source; Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2016.

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