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MyHealthTest Launches its Fourth Test Service

ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD), is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary MyHealthTest Pty Ltd (MHT), the direct to consumer pathology test provider, has launched a prostate specific antigen (PSA) test service to help men who wish to monitor their PSA level from home.  The test means MHT is now marketing four test services to total addressable markets in excess of $1bn.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in Australia and the third most common cause of cancer death.  One in 6 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 85.(1)

The PSA blood test measures proteins made by both normal and cancerous prostate cells.  While a raised PSA level is not a diagnosis for cancer, the test can be used as an indicator of a potential problem.  Because PSA levels can vary, doctors often use results from several tests over time, to help determine the risk of prostate cancer.(1)

MHT makes blood testing easy and convenient, and allows customers and their healthcare providers to view, track and share results on a secure platform.  This improved access to testing means health issues can be detected early and consumers can work with their doctor to prevent or minimise the impact of potentially debilitating chronic conditions.

Home pathology tests are especially attractive to those unable to get regular blood tests due to mobility issues, distance or simply being time poor.

The MyHealthTest Prostate Test Service is available through the MyHealthTest online store and will be promoted to both the existing MHT database, to new customers and health care providers through promotional campaigns with immediate effect.

MyHealthTest now has a portfolio of four test services, including the Diabetes Test Service and the recently launched Thyroid and Cholesterol Test services.

MyHealthTest GM Nick Cerneaz “The Introduction of the Prostrate Test Service is an exciting step for MyHealthTest as we seek to expand our capabilities in helping to detect and manage major chronic diseases.

“A portfolio of four tests, each addressing mass market conditions, means MHT is well positioned to grow sales through 2018.”

About MyHealthTest

MyHealthTest, a highly innovative consumer-based pathology testing service, allows individuals to conveniently order the test service online or from pharmacies, collect samples at home, and send samples through the mail for laboratory analysis.  Our next-generation pathology testing service is quality controlled to ensure accuracy and reliability, while our online portal offers guaranteed confidentiality and the simple transfer of results to healthcare practitioners or others.  MyHealthTest meets the increased global demand for pathology testing services and sets the industry standard for preventative and convenient direct-to-consumer healthcare services.

(1)  http://www.cancer.org.au/about-cancer/types-of-cancer/prostate-cancer.html

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