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National Diabetes Week Drives Demand for MyHealthTest

ITL Health Group (ASX:ITD), is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary MyHealthTest Pty Ltd (MHT), the direct to consumer pathology test provider, achieved considerable public interest during National Diabetes Week.

National Diabetes Week went from 9-15 July during which time Diabetes Australia ran “It’s About Time” campaign that aimed to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and early treatment for all types of diabetes.

During Diabetes Week MyHealthTest strongly marketed its HbA1c diabetes test. Interviews were carried out and MHT received coverage on the National News (link), radio stations across major cities (link), at consumer and research events and across the Newswires.

As part of Diabetes Week MHT committed to provide 1,000 free HbA1c tests. Following considerable take up of the test the Company has experienced the period by one week and increased the number of free tests to 2,000.

Nick Cerneaz, General Manager of MyHealthTest commented “We are very happy with the positive response MyHealthTest has received and feel this reflects the exciting potential of our unique work.”
“Every recipient of the NbA1c test will experience how simple, fast and effective our tests are. In turn those people will become a brand ambassador for MHT as they pass on their experience to friends, family and colleagues.”

About MyHealthTest

MyHealthTest, a highly innovative consumer-based pathology testing service, allows individuals to conveniently order the test service online or from pharmacies, collect samples at home, and send samples through the mail for laboratory analysis. Our next-generation pathology testing service is quality controlled to ensure accuracy and reliability, while our online portal offers guaranteed confidentiality and the simple transfer of results to healthcare practitioners or others. MyHealthTest meets the increased global demand for pathology testing services and sets the industry standard for preventative and convenient direct-to-consumer healthcare services.

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