Suite of Proven Products & Solutions

Performing in millions of procedures every year, our products and solutions proactively advance industry standards for safety and effectiveness with broad cross-capability for multiple markets.

Innovative, People-Centered Designs

Engineered for reliability and designed for simplicity, our course-charting products are routinely refined and tested to meet the stringent needs of an ever-evolving user experience.

Safety, Efficiency & Productivity Driven

Workplace safety is our utmost priority, demonstrated by closed-looped systems that reduce risk and improve outcomes.

Strategic Partnerships for Worldwide Success

Our global partnerships are the catalyst for progress across the healthcare spectrum. We partner with medical device companies, blood product providers, laboratory testing and supply firms, hospitals, healthcare systems, research organizations and universities, animal healthcare providers, and government organisations, to strengthen supply chains and increase enterprise-wide value with custom design, manufacturing, and assembly services.