ITL BioMedical

Essentials for Blood Management and Clinical Procedures

ITL BioMedical enables best clinical outcomes through innovative tools for blood management and clinical procedures. As a global provider of blood management and clinical procedure tools with a significant portfolio of intellectual property, we consistently look to the future and leverage input from healthcare markets worldwide to advance our products. Our world-class manufacturing facility and R&D lab develops and rigorously tests our advancements ensuring our innovations are designed with the utmost quality for introduction on a global basis.


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Brands of ITL BioMedical

ITL Blood Banking

Safe Tools for Efficient Blood Collection, Processing and Transfer

At ITL BioMedical, we support best clinical outcomes by providing essential tools for safe and efficient blood collection, processing and transfer. Our rigorously tested and compliant tools enable blood bank managers, collection and lab staff to easily follow proper protocols that ensure staff, donor and patient safety and process efficiency. As global leaders in blood safety, we know the challenges that come with blood safety and quality, a shrinking donor population and rising costs and therefore design our tools for optimizing your blood collection, processing and transfer procedures.

ITL Laboratory

Improving Laboratory Productivity and Efficiency with Safe Tools for Blood Testing

Safety and efficiency in blood management are at the forefront of ITL BioMedical’s mission to support best clinical outcomes. Our rigorously tested and compliant tools enable lab directors and their technical team to carry out blood testing procedures in the safest and most efficient manner possible. With the ability to reduce exposure and improve infection control, our ergonomically designed tools ultimately increase productivity and safety in the lab.

ITL Clinical

Enabling Best Clinical Outcomes with Safe and Efficient Medical Supplies

ITL BioMedical is a leading global provider of blood management and clinical procedure tools that take into consideration the challenges clinicians face with maintaining safety, process efficiencies, budget and best practices. Our suite of essential blood management and clinical procedure tools is designed with efficiency and safety in mind. The innovative and ergonomic design of our tools keeps clinicians on track and on budget by increasing productivity and supporting the latest regulations and clinical best practices.


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